NT Government boards and committees

Government boards and committees play an important role in good governance.

They provide governments with independent and expert governance and advice.

They're also an effective link between government and the community.


Northern Territory Government (NTG) boards and committees are established either:

  • under an Act of Parliament
  • by a decision of government
  • by an individual minister.


Their functions include:

  • governance and management
  • advice and review
  • policy development
  • appeals
  • community engagement
  • regulation of professions.

Examples of NTG boards and committees include the Building Practitioners Board, Veterinary Board of the NT and the Planning Commission.

Boards handbook

To understand board members' responsibilities, read the NTG boards handbook.

NTG boards handbook - for board members PDF (674.9 KB)
NTG boards handbook - for board members DOCX (292.6 KB)

Register your interest in a board position

If you're interested in serving on NTG boards and committees, find out if you're eligible and how to register to be a board member.

Inclusion and diversity

To achieve a greater diversity of skills, experiences and knowledge, the NTG aims:

Remuneration and entitlements

For remuneration purposes, boards are classified into classes and sub-classes.

Read about board classification and remuneration.

Inquiries into the entitlements of key NT office holders are undertaken by the Remuneration Tribunal.


Board Remuneration Officer
Phone: 08 8999 7865
Email: boardremuneration@nt.gov.au

Last updated: 24 June 2022

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