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Northern Territory Government (NTG) boards and committees play an important role in good governance.

They provide an effective link between government and the community.

Who can be a member

To be eligible to serve on a board, members must be:

  • Australian citizens
  • individuals granted permanent resident status
  • individuals with a visa that allows them to work in Australia, and their visa is valid for the term of appointment
  • New Zealand citizens with a Special Category visa that allows them to remain and work in Australia indefinitely.

NT public sector employees can be appointed as a ‘community’ member, but will require approval to engage in what may be paid employment outside the employee’s normal duties.


For a list of statutory boards classified for remuneration purposes, read remuneration of NT Government boards.

Roles and responsibilities

Legislation or the board's terms of reference outline member information, including:

  • qualifications or expertise required (e.g. lawyer, plumber, electrician, veterinarian)
  • community representatives required (e.g. Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders, industry or local government representatives)
  • number of meetings required
  • their term of appointment.

How to register your interest

To register your interest to become a board member, you must complete the registration form and upload your CV.

When you submit your registration, you:

  • accept that it doesn't guarantee appointment to a board
  • agree to your resume/CV being accessible to all NTG agencies for this purpose only.

Register now

Region of interest

When filling in the registration form, you must specify your region of interest.

The map below will assist you determine which region of the Territory you're interested in.


  • Northern region - purple, green, yellow.
  • Central region - blue, orange.
  • Southern region - pink.

Map of the NT - color coded by region NT Government regions


Board Remuneration Officer
Phone: 08 8999 7865

Last updated: 24 June 2022

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