Appointment of statutory officers

Statutory officers are those persons appointed to a position that is established by legislation and granted with various powers and functions under the law.

Statutory officers are impartial and independent, designed to provide checks and balances on the work of Government.

Some statutory officers in the Northern Territory (NT) have an integrity focus such as the Ombudsman or Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, whilst other statutory officers such as the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner or Children’s Commissioner also have advocacy roles and responsibilities, as well as the administration of justice.

The work of statutory officers is key to preserving integrity in Government and upholding democracy in the NT.

Protocol for the appointment of statutory officers under the Northern Territory Integrity Framework

The Protocol outlines the selection process for statutory officers in the Northern Territory with an integrity focus.

The Protocol is adapted from the existing Protocol for Judicial Appointments and Appointment as President or Deputy President of the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which was introduced in August 2017.

The selection process will uphold integrity, be independent of Government, provide public accountability and result in the appointment of a person with the appropriate skills and experience for the position.

The Protocol is designed to operate alongside the relevant legislation which prescribes the appointment process for statutory officers and other relevant aspects such as terms and conditions of appointment and reappointment.

Who does the Protocol apply to?

The following statutory officers will be selected in accordance with the Protocol:

  • Auditor-General
  • Electoral Commissioner
  • Independent Commissioner Against Corruption
  • Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Inspector
  • Ombudsman.

Why has the Protocol been introduced?

The Protocol provides greater clarity and consistency around the selection process for statutory officers.

The establishment of the Protocol and ongoing integrity reforms are being delivered as part of the Government’s commitment to restoring trust.

Where can I find the Protocol?

Read the Protocol Word DOCX (30.1 KB) | PDF PDF (152.2 KB)

Last updated: 20 March 2019

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