Aboriginal jobs development funding for local government and councils

The Northern Territory Government has provided $8.5 million per annum for the Aboriginal jobs development fund from 1 July 2017.

The fund allows councils providing local government services to receive a subsidy to employ Aboriginal staff working in the area of local government service delivery, including in:

  • parks and gardens
  • sports and recreation
  • waste management
  • animal management
  • administration
  • libraries
  • civil works
  • other activities.

The program aims to:

  • subsidise the cost of employing Aboriginal employees across regional councils and the Belyuen Community Government Council
  • support the delivery of key local government outcomes in the council’s strategic and operational plans
  • support Aboriginal employment.

You can access Aboriginal jobs development funding if you are a Northern Territory council and:

  • have a current recruitment and workforce development plan
  • have acquitted all previous funding relevant to the Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development
  • demonstrate that the funding will not duplicate funding already provided under this or any other funding source.

You can use Aboriginal jobs development funding for expenses like:

  • direct salaries
  • taxes
  • allowances - excluding travel allowances
  • employee leave entitlements for permanent staff
  • 15% on-costs.

You can't use Aboriginal jobs development funding for:

  • gifts, bonuses or termination payments
  • travel allowance
  • staff on workers compensation
  • holiday pay on termination
  • position funded under any other agreement or arrangement
  • redundancy payments
  • contractors engaged for procurement.

The program funding pool will provide up to $8.5 million per annum from 1 July 2017.

A notional annual allocation to each council will be determined by this department and paid retrospectively on reported council expenditure.

These payments will be made on a quarterly basis pending the receipt of council reports.

Aboriginal jobs development funding is subject to quarterly funding from 2017-18.

Quarterly payments will be made retrospectively on provision of employment and expenditure details by councils.

Following receipt of the quarterly reports grant payments will be made in:

  • quarter one - October
  • quarter two - January
  • quarter three - April
  • quarter four - July.

Councils will be reimbursed 50 per cent of their quarterly expenditure up to the notional annual amount calculated.

If there is over expenditure in any quarter the department may allow this to be off-set against any future council under expenditure to maximise employment outcomes for Aboriginal people in remote communities.

Once the notional grant funding offer is advised to council by the department councils will need to forward the following correspondence:

  • return the signed acceptance form to the department
  • provide quarterly reports within ten working days after each quarter - these reports will trigger the release of retrospective payments up to the notional maximum entitlement.

Councils are required to submit a quarterly report on the Aboriginal jobs development fund activities and expenditure to the department.

The data required in these quarterly reports include:

  • actual salary expenditure per quarter on Aboriginal employment
  • program on-costs per quarter on Aboriginal employment
  • calculated claim for salary and 15% on-cost support on a 50-50 basis for the quarter
  • total number of Aboriginal employees employed by council at end of each quarter
  • total number of Aboriginal employees employed by this program for the quarter
  • total number of Aboriginal employees categorised as full-time, part-time and casual
  • total number of council staff employed by council
  • total number of Aboriginal employees categorised on gender base (male-female)
  • broad position categories, as detailed on the department’s quarterly report together with the number of employees in each category
  • other adhoc requests for information as may be requested by the department from time to time.

You can use the following template for your council's quarterly report:

Phone: (08) 8999 8571


Last updated: 13 August 2019

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