Cabinet Office and Secretariat Services

The office:

  • provides secretariat services to the Northern Territory Cabinet, the Executive  Council and the Remuneration Tribunal
  • advises ministers and agencies on machinery-of-government matters, maintains  the government’s Administrative Arrangements Orders and has a coordination role  in managing a number of whole-of-government databases and reporting to Cabinet
  • coordinates arrangements for regional Cabinet visits
  • works with the NT Archives Services in relation to the annual opening of 30  year old Cabinet records
  • provides a ministerial liaison service to the Department of the Chief Minister  and its ministers
  • manages the government’s election commitments database
  • makes arrangements for the appointment of ministers and NTPS chief executive  officers
  • provides a parliamentary liaison service for government including tabling of  Government documents and regulations and coordination of responses to  parliamentary written questions
  • administers the Assembly Members and Statutory Officers (Remuneration and Other  Entitlements) Act
  • advises and assists agencies on matters relating to government board administration and remuneration
  • has responsibilities in respect of the NT (Self-Government) Act, Audit Act,  Interpretation Act and the Electoral Act
  • provides secretariat support to those committees chaired by the Department’s  CEO.

Cabinet Handbook

A copy of the Cabinet Handbook can be found on Territory Stories

Last updated: 06 May 2020

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