Consultations and visits to councils by NT Grants Commission

Change to visits due to COVID-19

The Northern Territory Grants Commission has a rolling visitation program to councils each year. The program usually takes 3 years to complete, however the COVID-19 pandemic did stall the visitation program for the later part of the 2019-20 financial year which has had a  flow on effect for following years.

The regular visits to councils enables Northern Territory Grants Commission to:

  • explain how the commission works
  • encourage discussion between the commission and council about the grant calculation process and submissions
  • inspect, if necessary, physical features or structures, for example waste management sites and roads which are relevant to the distribution of funds.

The secretariat of the Northern Territory Grants Commission may also raise queries with councils about information submitted in their annual financial data return, roads return and other information.

Visit schedule 2022

Alice Springs Town Council
MacDonnell Regional Council
Roper Gulf Regional Council

Last updated: 03 June 2022

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