NT Defence and National Security Advocate

Dr. Alan Dupont AO

The Northern Territory (NT) Government supports the activities of the NT Defence and National Security Advocate Dr. Alan Dupont AO to promote our capabilities and capacity.

The NT has a critical role in Australia’s national security, including: energy, resources, maritime, biosecurity, economic and trade, immigration, military and border security. Darwin is also the regional hub for Australia’s international engagement and trade.

The NT defence economy is considered to cover the impacts of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) operational and training activities, manufacturing, supply and support for those activities and the broader economic effect of Defence personnel and their families living and visiting the NT. Other aspects of Australia’s national security have similarly important, albeit lesser, impact on the NT economy.

The 2020 Australian Defence Strategic Update and ongoing focus on maximising Australian industry involvement in Defence capability projects will create new opportunities in the Northern Territory over the coming decade and beyond. The Update has a projected investment into Defence of $270 billion over the next 10 years that will take annual defence spending beyond the 2 per cent of GDP committed to in 2013. This has significant implications for the Territory as the government re-prioritises the ADF's geographical focus on the immediate region.

To ensure that the NT is at the forefront of northern Australia’s contribution to a more prosperous and secure Australia, the NT Government will have a consistent presence in Canberra, the NT Defence and National Security Advocate. The NT advocate assists the NT in gaining the attention of influence with the Australian Government, the Department of Defence and defence support industries, the Australian Government national security and foreign military forces.

Last updated: 08 April 2021

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