Governance of major projects

Major projects will generally be supported by:

  • a PFA as set out above, and
  • an internal project governance structure which includes:
    • oversight by the CEO JSC with responsibility for:
      • whole of government oversight of major projects
      • the provision of advice and recommendations to the NT Government, and
      • the review of the activities of the project control group.
    • a project control group comprised of representatives from relevant NT Government agencies, Australian and local government representatives as relevant and the project proponent, to drive project delivery including through the timely identification and resolution of issues, and
    • a dedicated NT Government project case manager who will:
      • act as the project proponent’s single point of contact in the NT Government
      • chair the project control group, and
      • act as the conduit between the CEO JSC and the project control group.

Last updated: 26 June 2019

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