Terabit Territory

Darwin is set to take a leading role in international telecommunications across South East Asia.

As Australia’s most northern capital city, Darwin is uniquely placed to become an international hub between Australia’s east coast and major commercial and population centres in neighbouring South East Asia.

Darwin will transform from a gigabit city to a Terabit Territory, and a digital leader in the region through the development of a highly secure, high speed terabit network.

Using existing infrastructure with some additional installations, the terabit network will support the needs of business, government and defence.

This development will build on Darwin’s position as the only Australian capital city with full Fibre to the Premises connection to the National Broadband Network.

Connecting Darwin to Asia

Planned fibre links will connect Darwin and Port Hedland to Kupang, Dili and Singapore providing contemporary high speed, low latency links through South East Asia.

These fibre links are expected to be commissioned in 2020 and be operational by the end of 2022, providing redundant paths for any Darwin installations.

Connecting Darwin to the United States

There is also a planned fibre link which will span the Indo-Pacific regions, providing the first subsea route to directly connecting Darwin, Singapore, Indonesia and the United States.

There are a range of investment opportunities associated with these developments. To find out more go to Invest in the Territory website.

Cable connections

Map of Australia and Asia showing locations of planned network extensions

Last updated: 18 May 2020

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