Seniors lifestyle accommodation

Like the rest of Australia, the Northern Territory (NT) is experiencing an increase in the proportion of seniors living or working in our community. As this occurs, Territorians are seeking a greater range of housing options to live independently, in a safe environment, and with access to care and community support.

The NT Government’s vision is for senior Territorians to remain in the Territory and be able to transition into appropriate accommodation by ‘downsizing’ and ‘rightsizing’ if they wish. The NT Government is also considering operating structures for these accommodation options and keen to ensure that these maximise consumer protections.

In April 2017, the NT Government announced $500,000 to begin progressing the development of seniors’ lifestyle accommodation in Alice Springs, the Darwin urban area and the Darwin rural area.

A study by KPMG, on behalf of the government, found that there is demand for seniors’ accommodation in the Darwin rural, Darwin urban and Alice Springs areas.

By supporting private sector development of residential seniors’ accommodation, the government is allowing market forces to determine the most appropriate model for the accommodation and the location in which it should be developed.

A summary on the current status of the three government facilitated projects is provided below.

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