Strong Seniors: Seniors Participation Framework 2016-19

Framing the Future sets the vision for a strong society and confident culture.

A strong society which values an individual's right to freedom and responsibility, ensures equal access to opportunities and resources to contribute to and participate in society and the economy, supports the most vulnerable, is safe for all people - safe at home, at school, in the workplace and while travelling.

A confident culture which is proud and confident of the Northern Territory, values and celebrates diversity across backgrounds, language groups, ages, genders and religions. It supports and celebrates significant occasions and events and focuses on a healthy, active and enjoyable lifestyle.

The framework promotes the NT Government’s vision of a strong society and confident culture, sets objectives and provides direction for NT Government agencies, seniors and community organisations. 

The framework outlines strategies against key priority areas for action. This includes community, diversity, children and families, housing, economic security, education, health, community safety, lifestyle and transport.

The framework also commits to an action plan and monitoring and reporting of progress over the next three years.

Read the Strong Seniors: Seniors Participation Framework 2016-19 PDF (878.0 KB) document here.

Last updated: 03 June 2016

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