Treaty or Treaties?

The Northern Territory Government is committed to progressing a Treaty between Aboriginal Territorians and the Northern Territory Government.

This may mean more than one Treaty.

We are at the very start of the Treaty process and we want to hear from Aboriginal people about what fits their needs and the needs of their communities.

A Treaty needs to make a real practical difference – to achieve this it may be beneficial to have separate Treaties that can be tailor-made to the lives of Aboriginal people from different communities, places and regions.

Below are a number of options for Aboriginal people to consider. What is your view? We want to hear from you about what would be the best way to make a Treaty.

One overarching Treaty

A single Treaty between the Northern Territory Government and Aboriginal people in the Territory.

This could include one Treaty that a number of Aboriginal groups sign onto.

A single Treaty can take into account the differences between Northern Territory Aboriginal peoples, however it may be restricted in its ability to provide region specific outcomes.

Umbrella Treaty with separate agreements on the side

An umbrella Treaty would be a general agreement between the Northern Territory Government and Aboriginal people in the Territory concerning certain matters.

Then under the umbrella Treaty, Aboriginal groups can negotiate separate agreements for additional or distinctive rights depending on their situation.

Multiple Treaties

A number of separate Treaties would be agreed between the Northern Territory Government and different Aboriginal groups in the Territory.

The Northern Territory Government would create a standardised process, based on your feedback during negotiations, so that each Treaty contains similar outcomes, but considers localised need.

We would also need to consider how different Treaties would be organised, for example by region or language group. And there would need to be a manageable amount of Treaties across the Territory.

Language translations





East Side Kriol

Eastern and Central Arrernte



Murrinh Patha


Pintupi Luritja





West Arrarnta

West Side Kriol

Yolngu Matha

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Last updated: 12 June 2018

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