Aboriginal Land and Sea explained

Aboriginal land explained

Approximately 48% of the Northern Territory's land mass and 80% of its coastline is Aboriginal land. Understanding exactly what Aboriginal land is can be difficult.

This course will guide you through the need-to-knows, giving you a basic understanding of how it all works.

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Aboriginal land explained 

Native title explained

It is easy to confuse Aboriginal land and native title.

In this course, you will learn what native title is, how native title is recognised, and how native title differs from Aboriginal land.

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Native title explained

Sacred Sites explained

In this course, you will learn what sacred sites are, and how they are protected.

We recommend you complete both Aboriginal Land Explained and Native Title Explained before doing this course.

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Sacred Sites explained

Town Lands Native Title Explained

In this course you will learn about the Northern Territory Government's recently introduced Native Title Towns Lands Policy.

We recommend you undertake Native Title Explained before doing this course.

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Town Lands Native Title

Town Lands Native Title Policy

The NT Government has developed a Town Lands Native Policy to equip native title holders with more control and flexibility in managing their land.

Native title holders can now apply to convert exclusive native title land within towns to freehold title, without extinguishing their native title rights.

For a freehold title to be granted, an Indigenous Land Use Agreement must be signed by the Registered Native Title Body Corporate, relevant Land Council and the NT Government.

Once a freehold title is granted, the owner can hold onto it, subdivide it, lease it, mortgage it to raise finance or sell it. The granted title will still be subject to exclusive native title rights, but those rights will be fully suppressed and will have no force or effect for the life of the freehold Grant and any subsequent titles.

The Policy will help native title holders to develop their land without having to extinguish their hard-fought native title rights forever.

Download Town Lands Native Title Policy DOCX (214.5 KB)

Aboriginal Land and Sea Action Plan

The NT Government has developed an Aboriginal Land and Sea Action Plan to better coordinate Aboriginal land and native title matters across the Northern Territory, and ensure land and sea ownership to delivers on the economic and social aspirations of Aboriginal Territorians.

The Action Plan contains 10 actions the NT Government wants to implement in partnership with Traditional Owners, land councils, the Commonwealth Government and other affected stakeholders.

Actions range from resolving outstanding land claims and developing comprehensive native title policies, to supporting economic development and employment opportunities on Aboriginal land.

While everyone has their own priorities and views, we need to work together wherever possible, not just for the benefit of Aboriginal Territorians, but for all Territorians.

Download Land and Sea Action Plan  PDF (4.9 MB)


Strategic Aboriginal Policy Unit
Phone: (08) 8999 8828
Email: CMC.AboriginalLand@nt.gov.au

Last updated: 20 May 2021

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