‘Everyone Together’ Aboriginal Affairs Strategy

The ‘Everyone Together’ Aboriginal Affairs Strategy (the Strategy) was officially launched in March 2020.

The Strategy is a 10 year plan that provides a way for the NT Government to reshape how it works with Aboriginal Territorians to support community aspirations and achieve better outcomes. The Strategy is focused on Aboriginal families, children and communities and reflects the importance of ensuring that people and place are at the centre of government policy design and service delivery, and are empowered to determine their own futures.

Everyone Together will keep track of the challenges, progress and improvements across 10 Focus Areas:

  1. Truth and healing
  2. Language and culture;
  3. Land and sea;
  4. Children and families;
  5. Housing and essential infrastructure;
  6. Health;
  7. Education;
  8. Safety;
  9. Justice; and
  10. Jobs and economy.

Download Everyone Together - Aboriginal Affairs Strategy 2019-2029 PDF (9.7 MB)

Performance and Reporting Framework

A Performance and Reporting Framework PDF (1.1 MB) was developed to accompany the ‘Everyone Together’ Aboriginal Affairs Strategy. The Framework summarises the Strategy’s 67 measures and their responsible agencies, forming the basis for future progress reporting.

‘Everyone Together’ Aboriginal Affairs Strategy Progress Report 2021

The first annual Progress Report for the ‘Everyone Together’ Aboriginal Affairs Strategy was released in March 2021. The Report presents data provided by NT Government agencies that outlines progress against each of the Strategy’s 67 measures and 21 primary initiatives.

Download Everyone Together - Aboriginal Affairs Strategy Progress Report 2021 PDF (23.2 MB)

Last updated: 29 March 2021

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