Local decision making agreement formalises self-determination aspirations for Nauiyu community


A small community on the banks of the Daly River has formalised its aspirations for self-determination with the signing of a local decision making agreement.

Nauiyu has become the 8th Northern Territory (NT) community to sign up. Local decision making facilitates new working relationships between Aboriginal communities and government agencies to help transition government services and programs to community control.

Today’s deal recognises Green River Aboriginal Corporation (GRAC) - as the decision making body for Nauiyu - and its partnership with the NT Government, National Indigenous Australians Agency, and the Catholic Diocese of Darwin to advance the health, wellbeing, and prosperity of the community.

GRAC, which represents the broader community and acknowledges the Malak Malak Traditional Owners, will now work with the NT Government around 4 key actions to advance the social and economic development of Nauiyu:

  • land tenure and future land use planning;
  • community housing;
  • economic development opportunities, including local jobs and training
  • community health and wellbeing.

In addition to the 8th local decision making agreements now underway, there are a further 14 in the pipeline.

Daly River

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