APPEA Conference showcases Territory gas, innovation and sustainable planning


The Gas Taskforce participated in last week’s APPEA Conference and Exhibition which is the largest gathering of the oil and gas industry stakeholders in the southern hemisphere.

‘Positive Energy for a Changing World’ was the theme designed to  unpack some of the challenges of economic recovery, the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, 2050 net-zero emissions targets, energy security and decarbonisation.

“2050 net-zero targets compel us to come together to respond to and manage risk, transform the way we do business and make bold decisions in all that we do,” said Alister Trier, Chair Gas Taskforce.

The challenge to decarbonise whilst meeting the rising demand for reliable and affordable energy was a dominating conversation, reinforcing the critical need to develop carbon capture utilisation and storage technology at scale.

"This event was significant marker of sentiment, and the exceptional optimism displayed from industry and the Australian Government in the Northern Territory’s oil and gas sectors was outstanding.”

Find out more at the Territory's Gas Strategy website.

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