80th Anniversary Bombing of Darwin


Just before 10am on 19 February 1942, World War 11 forced itself onto Australia’s mainland for the first time, when formations of 188 Japanese aircraft mounted a deadly air raid on Darwin.

Allied aircraft and anti-aircraft gunners fought to protect the City and Harbour, but by the day’s end at least 235 people were killed, more than 400 were wounded, 30 aircraft were destroyed, 9 ships were sunk and many civilian and military facilities were damaged.

It was the largest single attack ever mounted by a foreign power on Australia.

Each year, 19 February is a Day of National Observance, and we come together to commemorate and pay tribute to the men and women who were there.

Join us at the Cenotaph, 9.30am, Saturday 19th of February, to commemorate the Bombing of Darwin.

The event is free and a Covid Safety plan is in place.

Burning ship “Neptuna”, 19 February 1941: Northern Territory Library Peter Spillett Collection PH0238/0885

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