Story of Our Children and Young People publication released


A publication released this week provides a comprehensive picture of the wellbeing of children and young people across the Northern Territory, building on the inaugural Story of Our Children and Young People published in 2019.

The publication, prepared by Menzies School of Health Research, provides statistical information across all areas of child development including:

  • being valued, loved and safe
  • having material basics
  • being healthy
  • learning
  • participating
  • having a positive sense of identity and culture.

It lays the foundation to inform and guide policy, ensuring that government programs and resources are targeted where they are needed.

The Story of Our Children and Young People was developed under the guidance of an independent editorial committee comprised of members with expertise and experience in policy development; service delivery and research in early childhood; and child and adolescent wellbeing.

The story tells the Northern Territory story for the six regions - Greater Darwin, Top End, East Arnhem, Big Rivers, Barkly and Central Australia, and contains both key measures and local stories for each of the regions.

The 2021 story builds upon the previous edition and this year includes the addition of an interactive online data platform that allows users to interact with the data; build custom tables and graphs; and access information by Aboriginal status and sub-region.

For more information read Story of Our Children and Young People.

Story of Our Children and Young People, Northern Territory 2021

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