Budget 2021: Creating Private Investment Opportunities and Jobs for Territorians


Making sure the Territory is the comeback capital of Australia is the main goal of the Territory Government.

Attracting private investment opportunities to the Territory is one way to create ongoing local jobs for Territorians.

Budget 2021 sees $2.7 million towards further developing the Mapping the Future Program, through the finalisation of soil and land surveys and water and biodiversity assessments in prospective areas of the Territory.

Assessments which will be completed towards the middle of 2022 include:

  • Land capability and biodiversity surveys to inform rezoning and development decisions in the Katherine Land Use Plan area;
  • Soil and land, Biodiversity and water investigations at Deep Well to inform future land release; and
  • Desktop biodiversity studies in the lower Roper River catchment to supplement the CSIRO Roper River Water Resource Assessment.

Mapping the Future is a five year, $10 million investment that identifies and maps the Northern Territory’s natural resource capabilities in areas with high development potential.

Find out more about the budget: https://budget.nt.gov.au/


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