Jabiru Kabolkmakmen to guide the future of Jabiru


The Northern Territory Government and the Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation have announced a new partnership, Jabiru Kabolkmakmen Ltd (JKL), a company that will guide the Jabiru township in its transition to a post-mining future.

The Government is investing $135.5 million over four years to transition Jabiru to the tourism and cultural centre of World Heritage Listed Kakadu National Park, following the closure of the Ranger Uranium Mine in January 2021.

In line with the Government’s local decision making agenda, the future of Jabiru will be guided by the Mirarr traditional owners.

The Mirarr vision for Jabiru as a world leading, ecologically sustainable hub for Aboriginal culture that will continue to attract visitors from across the globe is outlined in the Jabiru Masterplan, which will guide the work of JKL.

JKL will support the transition of housing ownership and maintenance, business premises and other infrastructure and investigate options to diversify the regional economy post-mining.

The company will be overseen by a Board of Directors, led by an independent chairperson.

Jabiru Bird

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