Barkly Regional Deal Signed


The $78.4 million Barkly Regional Deal was launched by all three levels of Government on Saturday 13 April 2019.

The Barkly Regional Deal demonstrates how cooperation between the Australian Government, Northern Territory Government and Barkly Regional Council, together with the local community, can drive positive change in the community.

The 10 year Barkly Regional Deal – Australia’s first ever Regional Deal – aims to improve the productivity and liveability of the Barkly region by stimulating economic growth, improving social outcomes and supporting local Aboriginal leadership.

The Deal includes 28 initiatives to respond to three community priority areas:

  • economic development
  • social development
  • culture and place-making.

These include addressing overcrowding and other housing issues, better outcomes for the region’s youth, boosting key industries such as tourism and agribusiness, tackling alcohol-related crime and improving school attendance rates.

The total value of the Barkly Regional Deal includes:

  • $45.4m from the Australian Government
  • $30m from the Northern Territory Government
  • $3m from the Barkly Regional Council.

Barkly Regional Deal PDF (4.8 MB)

Barkly deal

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