Table of Precedence

Guide for the Northern Territory

  1. The Administrator of the Northern Territory
    Note: A Deputy of the Administrator who is not also Chief Justice, when not administering the Government of the Northern Territory, has within the Northern Territory precedence immediately after the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
  2. The Chief Minister
  3. The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
  4. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory
  5. Federal Executive Councillors (under summons)
  6. Members of the Executive Council and Ministers of the Northern Territory (in order of the Administrative Arrangement Orders)
  7. The Leader of the Opposition
  8. Members of the Legislative Assembly (alphabetically by surname)
  9. Member of the Senate representing the Northern Territory
  10. Members of the House of Representatives whose electorates are within the Northern Territory
  11. The Lord Mayor of Darwin (within the city of Darwin)
  12. Judges of the Supreme Court (in order of appointment)
  13. Mayors of cities and municipalities (according to population)
  14. Heads of Churches and Religious Organisations (alphabetically by surname)
    1. Former Administrators (alphabetically by surname)
    2. Former Chief Ministers (alphabetically by surname)
    3. Former Chief Justices of the Supreme Court (alphabetically by surname)
  15. Former Members of the Executive Council (alphabetically by surname)
  16. Federal Executive Councillors (not under summons)
  17. The Chancellor of the Charles Darwin University
  18. Chief Executive Officers of Agencies and Heads of Statutory Corporations (alphabetically by surname)
  19. Senior Officer in local Command of the Naval, Military and Air Forces (according to the seniority of their appointment in; or to the Northern Territory)
  20. Members of the Consular Corps (by rank then in order by appointment)

For further information contact Protocol NT or 08-899 96238

Effective December 2014

Last updated: 23 January 2019

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