Cross agency initiatives

A range of cross agency efforts to tackle youth crime in Alice Springs has also been introduced, including:

  • Impartyemwerre: Alice Springs Interagency Family and Youth Operational Framework: focuses on young people (and their families) to ensure issues causing bad behaviour are identified and tackled to reduce the likelihood of future offending or reoffending. The Framework comprises Ure Group (high risk), Kwatye Group (medium risk), and Kwerte Group (low risk and emerging). The Framework provides overarching objectives, principles, and reporting lines across the three groups.
  • School-based policing, with a more flexible approach than the previous school policing program, to provide more flexibility to target at risk young people. The program focuses on positive youth engagement and delivery of vital safety education.
  • $1.75 million each year for youth activities in Alice Springs for after hours and during school holidays.
  • The $5 million Back on Track program is an alternative and intensive youth intervention program that provides alternative pathways to divert young people away from the youth justice system. The program addresses at risk behaviour, consequences and reparation to reduce offending, ensure offenders face the impact of their actions and become productive members of our community.
  • Funding for 10 non-government organisations to provide youth diversion services across 48 locations throughout the Territory, including restorative justice conferences where the young offender and the victim are present.
  • Government-funded nightly security patrols conducted by Talice Security throughout the Alice Springs CBD.
  • The $20 million revitalisation of the CBD includes a $5 million Crime Prevention through Environmental Design suite of initiatives, including the construction of safety zones, and improved lighting and wayfinding.

Last updated: 04 December 2019

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