Transcript for Darwin data centre EOI video

[Centre screen: Map of Australia]

On screen text: Northern Territory

Narrator: In the heart of northern Australia, the Territory is home to Australia’s closest capital city to Asia – Darwin.

On screen text: 56% of the global population is in this region

Narrator: The Territory’s strategic location is more than geography.

[Clips of aerial shots of Darwin]

Narrator: It is a connection to the rest of the world cemented in history and intrinsic to the future prosperity and security of Australia.

[Clips of Northern Territory landscapes and people]

Narrator: This is the home of thousands of years of living culture, of multicultural connections and of ingenuity and resilience.

Narrator: Darwin is now poised to become the location for Australia’s next large data centre ecosystem…

On screen text: Data centre ecosystem

On screen text: The Territory has key inputs in: land - power - cable connections

Narrator: … with the key inputs of land, power and cable connections coming together with the convenience of well-developed strategic industrial zoning and capital city infrastructure.

On screen text: Strategic industrial zoning

On screen text: Capital city infrastructure

Narrator: The Territory is at the centre of large and growing energy, agriculture, mining and tourism sectors, serving some of the world’s most significant oil and gas fields. And some of the biggest mining and mineral operations in Australia.

[Clips of various major projects at work]

Narrator: With farms the size of small countries, and expanding export infrastructure, Darwin is the key northern doorway in and out of Australia.

On screen text: Darwin is the key northern doorway in and out of Australia

[Clips of various defence industry at work]

Narrator: It is also the northern command centre for Australian Defence and coastal border forces and hosts a significant presence of US Defence technical and aerial assets.

[Clips of various space industry at work]

Narrator: The rapidly growing space sector is seeing organisations such as NASA and other global players establishing a presence in the Territory.

On screen text: New high speed international and domestic cabling

Narrator: New high speed international and domestic cabling is being rolled out…

[Animated map showing cables in various stages of development]

Narrator: with the government’s Terabit Territory investment catalysing a large upgrade to terrestrial cabling connecting Darwin to the other main southern Australian metros. Further new cables that will connect Darwin directly to Singapore and the west coast of the USA are also well advanced.

[Clips of various information technology personnel at work]

Narrator: This development will build on Darwin’s position as the only Australian capital city with full fibre to the premises connection to the National Broadband Network… and will see Darwin become one of the most connected cities in Australia.

On screen text: Full fibre to the premises connection to the NBN

Narrator: Access to land and competitively priced power from local world scale solar and LNB developments. Sees Darwin emerge an exciting location for the growth of a data centre ecosystem.

[Clips of aerial shots of solar and gas]

On screen text: With access to land - competitively priced power

Narrator: Sees Darwin emerge an exciting location for the growth of a data centre ecosystem.

[Clips of Google Earth - Darwin]

Narrator: The Territory Government has identified the Wishart Estate, located near the Darwin CBD, as an attractive site option for data centre construction. And, there are further locations for potential developers to consider.

[Clips of aerial footage of Darwin]

Narrator: The Territory and its capital Darwin are at the forefront of the future digital economy.

On screen text: The Territory is at the forefront of the future digital economy

[Clips of information technology companies]

Narrator: This development represents a unique opportunity for technology companies to locate operations in a secure, competitive and stable environment. The local workforce and business community are skilled and capable with experience in delivering major construction projects.

On screen text: Thinking big is nothing new, it’s what we do

Narrator: Here, thinking big is nothing new, it’s what we do.

[Australia’s Northern Territory logo | The Territory Boundless Possible logo,]

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Last updated: 21 July 2020

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